Raja Kombo Support

What is new about Raja Kombo IDD?

Raja Kombo IDD is the new range of combo products specifically designed to include more IDD mins, Internet base quota, and Unlimited features.

Who can subscribe to the Raja Kombo IDD?

Non-Malaysian Digi subscribers belonging to one of the nationalities below and on a Digi Prepaid plan are eligible to subscribe to the Raja Kombo IDD:

  1. Indonesia
  2. Bangladesh
  3. Nepal
  4. India
  5. Myanmar
  1. Philippines
  2. Thailand
  3. Pakistan
  4. China
  5. Vietnam
    What rate plans are eligible to subscribe to the Raja Kombo IDD?

    All Digi Prepaid plan subscribers are eligible for the Raja Kombo IDD except for the following rate plans: 

    • Digi Monthly Plan 28
    • Digi Monthly Plan 50
    • Digi Easy Prepaid Series (Legacy Easy)
    • Digi Best Prepaid Series (Legacy Best)
    • Digi Start Prepaid
    Can I subscribe to Raja Kombo IDD if I’m on the Digi Start Prepaid plan?

    For subscribers on Digi Start Prepaid or other ineligible rate plans to subscribe to Raja Kombo IDD, it is recommended that they perform a Change of Plan (COP), using the USSD code *128*1*4#, to change to the latest Digi Prepaid plan.

    Will Raja Kombo IDD be renewed automatically upon expiry?

    No, Raja Kombo IDD does not renew automatically upon expiry. You’ll need to re-subscribe via the MyDigi App, using the UMB code *188#, or you can just visit a Digi Store near you.

    Will my account validity be extended when I subscribe to Raja Kombo IDD?

    Yes, Raja Kombo IDD has an Always Active validity feature, which means that the main account validity will always be extended to match Raja Kombo’s subscription validity. 

    If your account validity before the subscription was shorter, then it will be extended to Raja Kombo IDD’s validity after the subscription.

    How do I check the quota balance of my Raja Kombo IDD?

    You may check the base Internet quota balance via the MyDigi App or by dialling the USSD code *200*1#.

    Is the base Internet quota of the Raja Kombo IDD plan stackable?

    Yes, the base Internet quota of Raja Kombo IDD is stackable, and it culminates with every time you subscribe before expiry.

    Are there any restrictions on the base Internet quota usage?

    There is no restriction on the base Internet quota usage. You can use the Internet quota anytime but always make sure that the Raja Kombo IDD plan subscription and your account are active.

    Why am I not able to subscribe to this offer?

    We’re sorry that you cannot subscribe to this offer as the Raja Kombo IDD plan is only for a specific group of Digi users. 

    However, you can always subscribe to other attractive offers from Digi like the Internet Cili Padi XL pass that offers Unlimited YouTube & Social and a 4GB base Internet quota with 30 days validity for RM28.