Raja Kombo Support

To which countries can Raja Kombo IDD subscribers call using the IDD minutes included in the plan?

The IDD minutes included in Raja Kombo IDD can be used to make IDD calls to 10 countries, which include:











Can Raja Kombo IDD subscribers use the IDD minutes included for direct dialling IDD?

Yes, the IDD minutes included can be used to make IDD calls to fixed or a mobile number using direct dialling, budget IDD 133, and IDD VIP. 

However, the IDD minutes included are not applicable for calls to a special service number (premium service/line).

What is the validity of the Raja Kombo IDD minutes?

The IDD minutes have the same validity as that of the Raja Kombo IDD plan.

Are the IDD minutes of Raja Kombo IDD stackable?

Yes, the IDD minutes of Raja Kombo IDD is stackable, and it culminates with every time you subscribe before expiry. 

However, the validity of IDD minutes depends on the Raja Kombo IDD plan you subscribe to.

What are the charges for the IDD minutes?

All IDD calls made using IDD minutes from Raja Kombo IDD will be charged based on a 60-second charging block.

What will happen to the balance of IDD minutes after expiry?

All balance IDD minutes will be forfeited at the end of validity. Subscribers will be granted new IDD minutes with every successful subscription to the Raja Kombo IDD plan.