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Who is eligible for the Internet Rollover?

All Digi Mobile Prepaid customers who subscribed to Monthly Internet Plan RM30 and above are eligible to enjoy Internet Rollover at no extra cost.

What is Internet Rollover?

You will get to rollover unutilised Internet quota (i.e: base quota) up to 100GB to following subscription cycle automatically, upon successful on-time renewal.

My Internet plan is expected to be renewed on 25th of the month. However, my balance is not sufficient when the renewal is triggered by system on 12:01am, 25th. If I reload on the same day later, am I able to get the Internet Rollover?

No, the on-time renewal refers to the renewal that triggered by the system during early morning (ie:12:01am). Please ensure you have sufficient credit balance before the renewal take place.

What is the limit of the quota of Internet Rollover?

You are able to accumulate up to 100GB of the base quota of your monthly Internet plan.

What happens if I have a balance of Internet quota that is more than allowable limit (i.e. 100GB)?

Any extra Internet quota more than the allowable limit (i.e: 100GB) will be forfeited.

What is the validity of the Internet Rollover?

The validity is as per your monthly Internet Plan, which is 30 days.

How do I check the balance and expiry of the Internet Rollover?

The Internet rollover will be added into your base quota bucket. Hence, similarly as checking your monthly quota, you can check the balance and expiry of the Internet quota via MyDigi app, or dial *116# and follow the steps.

When do I lose the Internet Rollover quota?

You will not be enjoying Internet Rollover quota when the Internet plan renewal is delayed, or when you change or terminate the Internet plan. All the rollover Internet quota will be forfeited.