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Can I use the free 1GB through out the day?

No, you can only use the free 1GB from 8am – 6pm daily.

When is the redemption period?

The redemption period starts from 1st April 2020 until further notice.

Do I need to redeem the free 1GB everyday?

No, you are only required to redeem once and you will receive free 1GB daily.

I have not fully utilized the free 1GB today, can I carry forward the quota to the following day?

No, your unutilized quota for the day will be forfeited and you  will receive 1GB only the following day.

Who is eligible to enjoy this 1GB Internet Freebies?

This offer is only available to Digi Postpaid mobile/voice plans, Digi Postpaid Broadband plans.. Eligible are Mass, Ambassador & Enterprise subscribers only.


This offer is not valid for Digi Postpaid Infinite plans.

How and where do I redeem the freebies?

To redeem this offer, please dial *238*88#

How many times can I redeem the freebies?

You can only redeem once.

Which quota will be consumed first, the Freebie or my base quota?

Free Internet quota will be utilized first prior to the utilization of your base Internet quota.
a. Quota from Free Weekend Internet  (if any and usage is on a Weekend)
b. Quota from Freebies (if any)
c. Quota from Free YouTube (if any)
d. Quota from one-time Internet Top Up purchase (if any)
e. Quota from monthly Internet Top Up purchase (if any)
f. Quota from bundled All Day / Base Internet