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Do all my employees need to sign up?

No, only one person representing your company needs to sign up. You can add more than one number to the Omni dashboard and have it connected to your employees. Once your extensions are added, your employees should get their own login details and that they can start using Omni.

Do I need to pay any deposit or am I locked down in a contract upon signing up?

No, you don’t need to! With Omni, you can cancel anytime as it is a simple monthly subscription.

Is there a free trial period before sign up?

No, there are no free trial periods offered. But if you are interested, you may contact Omni at to understand more.

What is the difference between the various pricing plans?

The difference is in the number of extensions, interactive virtual assistants and free outgoing minutes. The plan you pick should depend on your company’s requirements. You may refer to our plans here for more info.