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What is VoWiFi?

VoWiFi or WiFi Calling is a service that allows customers to talk and text over an active WiFi connection. VoWiFi enables customers to talk and text from indoor locations without strong mobile signals. The technology will turn all WiFi signals worldwide to become a Digi mobile connection. This means that the Digi SIM is still needed to enable WiFi Calling.

What are the benefits of VoWiFi to Digi customers?

Digi VoWiFi will provide the following benefits to Digi customers:

  •   Make calls and send texts from anywhere.
  •   Seamless experience – no app is required and a seamless handover.
Who can use and enjoy Digi VoWiFi?

Digi VoWiFi is available for all Digi Postpaid™, Digi Prepaid™ and Business Voice Plan subscribers. To enjoy the services, they must take these steps:

  •  Have an active VoLTE subscription;
  •  Connect to WiFi (Home/Office/Public);
  •  Use a smartphone that supports VoWiFi along with an updated software; and
  •  Enable WiFi Calling feature on smartphone
How do I enable the Digi VoWiFi service?

Firstly, please ensure that you have an active VoLTE subscription, a smartphone with the latest software and a WiFi Calling feature. Then go to your phone settings to turn on the WiFi Calling option.

What type of WiFi supports VoWiFi?

You can make WiFi Calls via these WiFi providers such as:

  •   Home/Office WiFi supported by Unifi, Streamyx, Timedotcom, etc.
  •   Public WiFi found at Airports, McDonald's, Starbucks, Smart Selangor, etc.
How do I know whether I am connected to VoWiFi?

A VoWiFi icon would appear at the top bar of your smartphone once there is a WiFi connection.

I am a Digi Prepaid™ customer and my line was barred due to zero balance. Can I still enjoy VoWiFi?

Once your line has been barred, you cannot make any calls, send SMS or use any data.

Will there be any call charges if I make a VoWiFi calling?

Charges for VoWiFi calling will apply accordingly, as per below:

From To Charges
Malaysia Any Malaysian numbers The rate of your call plan
Any overseas numbers The IDD rates
Outside of Malaysia Any Malaysian numbers The rate of your call plan
Any overseas numbers The IDD rates


Note: When making voice calls in a WiFi environment, your freebie voice call minutes from IDD Pass/ Roaming Pass /Monthly Roaming offer will not be used. Instead, standard VoWiFi charges will apply.

Would I be charged if I make a call using a free app?

Your data quota would be utilised when you make calls over VOIP or any free phone app.

Will I be charged for enabling VoWiFi?

No. Like VoLTE, the activation of service is absolutely FREE for Digi customers.