MyDigi Rewards Support

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How do I purchase or download rewards?

(You will need to download and sign in to MyDigi to access MyDigi Rewards)
Step 1: Go to MyDigi Rewards and tap on any reward you're interested in to view details.
Step 2: Tap on the Get or Buy button to download the reward (charges may apply).

How do I redeem a reward I have purchased or downloaded?

Step 1: Go to the MyRewards tab to locate your reward.

Step 2: Tap on the reward and click on “View Voucher” to reveal the discount code, barcode or QR code.

Step 3a: To redeem your reward from a merchant’s physical store, please allow the store assistant to assist you to click on the “Mark As Redeemed” button after completing your transaction.

Step 3b: To redeem from a merchant’s online store, the “Mark As Redeemed” button is available for you to mark your voucher as used after completing your transaction. Please take note that the voucher will be marked as “Redeemed” and you will no longer be able to access or use the voucher after this.

If you require more assistance with the details, click here to find out more:

Help! I can't seem to download or purchase any rewards. What should I do?

You may be seeing an error message informing you to re-activate your Prepaid line or settle your overdue Postpaid bill before downloading a reward. Please ensure your Postpaid bills are fully paid or reload your Prepaid line to continue enjoying MyDigi Rewards. If you still experience problems, contact our Digi Helpline at 0162211800 for assistance.

What happened to my reward? It's disappeared from My Rewards.

If you're sure you haven't already redeemed or gifted out the reward, it may already have expired and is no longer valid for redemption.

What is My Rewards?

It's got all your good stuff! This is where we store rewards you've downloaded or purchased, as well as rewards you've received as gifts from other MyDigi users. Rewards will be cleared from this bag after they expire.

What happened to Superdeals and Monthly Rewards?

We've taken your feedback into consideration and simplified the way we present MyDigi Rewards. We still bring you paid and free deals but now they're now presented as a single category. This makes it easier for you to search for your favourite brands or reward categories.
Rewards which require upfront payment (formerly Superdeals) have a price indicated on the reward preview and detailed listing, while other zero-priced rewards (formerly Monthly Rewards) are now marked as "Get" or "View".