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How many member tiers are there in MyDigi Rewards?

There are three (3) MyDigi Rewards membership tiers: Yellow, Gold and Platinum.

Member Tier Digi Points earned
over a 6-month cycle*
Yellow Up to 299
Gold 300 to 1,499
Platinum 1,500 and above

*6-month cycles begin on 1st January (Cycle 1) and 1st July (Cycle 2) every year.

What benefits come with each tier?
Benefit Yellow Gold Platinum
Access to great deals & discounts
Birthday month specials
Tier-exclusive rewards  
Early bird access to latest rewards  
Exclusive Digi deals    
Priority queue when calling in to Digi Customer Service    
Priority access to selected device deals    
How did I end up at my current tier?

All MyDigi users start off in the Yellow tier. If you are a Gold or Platinum member, your tier was calculated based on your spending on Postpaid bills or Prepaid reloads over the previous 6-month cycle (6 months beginning either 1 January or 1 July) at a conversion rate of RM1 to 1 Digi Point.

How long will I get to enjoy my current tier?

Once you achieve a tier, you get to keep it until the end of the current 6-month cycle (6 months ending 30th June or 31st December), and for the subsequent 6-month cycle.

Does my tier get upgraded and downgraded immediately or do I need to wait until the end of the 6-month cycle?

Tier upgrades are awarded when you achieve the required Digi Points – this usually takes place within 48 hours from a qualifying Prepaid Reload or Postpaid Bill generation. Tier downgrades will only be reflected at the start of the next 6-month cycle at 1st January or 1st July.

Can my tier be upgraded or downgraded more than one tier at a time?

Yes! Your tier will be upgraded once you reach the required Digi Points for the relevant tier.

Here's an example of how tiers are calculated.
Transaction Cycle 1, 2018
(1 Jan 2018 to
30 Jun 2018)
Cycle 2, 2018
(1 Jul 2018 to
31 Dec 2018)
Cycle 1, 2019
(1 Jan 2019 to
30 Jun 2019)
Tier at start of 6-month cycle Yellow Platinum* Gold**
Total Postpaid Bill spend or
Prepaid Reloads during 6-month cycle
RM 1,555.99 RM 300.50 n/a
Digi Points earned 1,555 300 n/a
Tier activity during this cycle Upgrade to Platinum upon achieving 1,500 Digi Points Maintain Platinum until end of cycle Tier revised to Gold at start of cycle

* Upgrade will be awarded immediately upon member achieving required Digi Points during any point in 6-month cycle.
** Downgrade of tier will take place during tier review at end of 6-month cycle.

How do I upgrade to the next tier?

It’s no sweat at all. Every RM1 charged to your Postpaid bill and every RM1 reloaded to your Prepaid line earns you one (1) Digi Point, which goes straight into helping you achieve the next tier.