MyDigi Rewards Support

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How does the new MyDigi Rewards work?

One (1) Digi Point is awarded for every RM1.00 spent in your Postpaid bill or Prepaid reload (excluding service tax, refundable deposits and device purchases).

Accumulate Digi Points to progress to the next tier and qualify for exclusive rewards and benefits.

In order to enjoy full access to MyDigi Rewards, subscribers should ensure their Digi Prepaid line is active and there are no overdue amounts on their Digi Postpaid lines.

I want in! How do I sign up for MyDigi Rewards membership?

MyDigi Rewards membership is free and automatic! All MyDigi users automatically become MyDigi Rewards members and can start enjoying great deals from MyDigi Rewards right away. Please do ensure your app is updated to the latest version to enjoy the complete full MyDigi Rewards experience and its benefits.

How do I access MyDigi Rewards?

It's simple: just download the MyDigi app from the App Store or Google Play Store, or update to the latest version. Upon login, you'll be able to view your tier and start enjoying rewards.