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Who is eligible to receive Box Of Surprise offer?

This internet offer is applicable to all Digi Prepaid Mobile subscribers except Broadband. In addition, Digi Prepaid Mobile customers who opted out from receiving any marketing communication from Digi are not eligible for this campaign.

Is there a tenure requirement to be eligible for Box Of Surprise offer?

No, even if you are New to Digi, there is a special offer await for you.

Is my Box Of Surprise offer permanent?

No, the offer is refreshed from time to time. Therefore, customers are encouraged to always check it out to enjoy the latest deal. However, there will be notification send out when the offer is refreshed.

Why is my offer different to my friend's offer?

This is because each offer is unique and exclusively designed. Other subscribers might not receive the same offer as yours.

Can I purchase the offer in my Box of Surprise for multiple times?

Yes, you may purchase your internet offer in your Box Of Surprise as many times as you wish. However, for free internet, you can only purchase the offer once a week.

Why did I not see the Box Of Surprise option in MyDigi?

Please update your MyDigi App to the latest version on Google Play or App Store