MyDigi App Support

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Do I need an Internet plan to receive the 1GB Welcome Gift?

No, no prior Internet plan is required to redeem the 1GB Welcome Gift.

Where can I download the new MyDigi app?

You can go to Play store / App store and search for ‘MyDigi’ to download.

Why am I facing difficulties loading the app?

Please ensure that you are on the latest iOS 10 or android 5.0 and above device operating system to enjoy seamless experience with MyDigi.


I have signed up to MyDigi via, am I eligible for the 1GB Welcome Gift?

No, the 1GB Welcome Gift is available only via MyDigi app, and it is not available on MyDigi web nor UMB.

Who can redeem this 1GB Welcome Gift?

All Digi Postpaid and Digi Broadband plan subscribers that update or install the new MyDigi app are eligible to redeem this 1GB Welcome Gift, including Digi Enterprise Corporate customers and Corporate Individual customers.

I am a Digi Prepaid voice plan subscriber, can I receive this 1GB Welcome Gift?

No, prepaid voice plan subscribers are not eligible to receive this 1GB Welcome Gift.

Can I use this 1GB Welcome Gift with any Internet Plans?

Yes, you can. Note that the 1GB Welcome Gift Internet quota will be utilized first before it is deducted from your Internet Plan.

Can I receive this 1GB Welcome Gift if I am a ‘Pay As You Use’ customer?

Yes, you will receive the free 1GB Welcome Gift but Internet charges will apply once you have utilized the free 1GB Welcome Gift. Kindly check your Internet balance from time to time to avoid extra Internet charges.

If I am a Digi Broadband customer under stream free plan, why will MyDigi deduct my free 1GB since I already have stream free Internet quota?

For broadband users under stream free plans, the 1GB Welcome Gift Internet quota will be utilized first before quota is deducted from your existing Internet plan.

Upon receiving notification on my 1GB Welcome Gift, how long am I given to redeem it?

You will need to redeem the 1GB Welcome Gift via MyDigi app within 7 days. Just go to Add-ons > Freebies to redeem.