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Will IDD rates differ based on the Digi Prepaid™ plan that I am using?

Yes, IDD rates will differ based on the Digi Prepaid™ plan that you are using. To avoid surprise charges, please make sure that you have selected the correct Prepaid plan before viewing IDD rates.

Do I have to activate IDD before making international calls?

No. You don't have to activate IDD as it is a default service for all Digi Prepaid™ customers.

Do I have to pay an activation fee or make a deposit to activate IDD?

No, you don’t have to pay an activation fee or make a deposit to activate IDD.

Are these IDD rates applicable when I am roaming overseas?

No, these IDD rates are not applicable when you are roaming overseas. All calls made while you are abroad will incur charges set by the mobile network operator that you are roaming with. Please visit our International Roaming Rates section for more information.

What is the charging block for an IDD call?

You will be charged based on a 60-second charging block for IDD calls.

Which countries are affected by the change in International rates?

The countries affected are as follows:


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Why is there an increase to the International SMS rates to the listed countries?

In an effort to maintain the quality of our service, the increase in International SMS rates comes as a response to an increase in costs to these countries. Rest assured as we strive to provide you with the best and most competitive rates in the market.

Is the change in rates applicable to Digi Prepaid™ and/or Digi Postpaid™ subscribers?

The change in rates is applicable to Digi Prepaid™ subscribers only with the exception of HAPPY subscribers where the International SMS rate is RM1/SMS.

Do International SMS rates vary during different periods of the day?

No, the International SMS rates apply at any given period of the day.

What are the International SMS rates for countries that are not listed above?

The International SMS rate for countries that are not listed is 50sen/SMS.