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What is IDD VIP?

IDD VIP is Digi's latest IDD offer that gives you the best international direct dial rates to one number of any operator across ten countries

When does this promo is start?

This promo starts 3rd April 2018, and it is available to all operators within the ten eligible countries from 9 August 2018 onwards, until further notice.

How do I enjoy this offer?

You need to activate the IDD VIP feature and then register your IDD VIP number before you can enjoy this offer.

How do I add/register my IDD VIP Number?

Screen 1

Select IDD VIP

Screen 2

Select Add number

Screen 3

Key in IDD VIP number in this format
<country code><phone number>
e.g. 6281XXXXXXXXX.

Screen 4

IDD VIP number successfully added

How many IDD VIP numbers can I have?

You can only have one IDD VIP number at any one time.

Can I change my IDD VIP number?

Yes, you may change your IDD VIP Number. However a RM3 charge will be applied for each change.

How do I change my IDD VIP number?

You can change your IDD VIP number the same way you change your Friends and Family numbers by dialing *128*1*8#

How many times am I allowed to change my IDD VIP number?

You may change your IDD VIP Number as many times as you want, however a RM3 charge will applied for each change.

Is there a number format that I need to follow to add/register IDD VIP Number?

Yes, you must key in the number following this format <country code><phone number> i.e 6281XXXXXXXXX. In short, you don't have to key in the "+" sign or the "00" prefixes.

Once I have registered an eligible IDD VIP number, can I call the number via Direct Dial?

Yes, you can call the IDD VIP number via Direct Dial and enjoy the special rates.