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Can I use the same pass with more than one hotspot?

Yes, if a pass still has validity, you can use the same voucher code and log in to a different hotspot. Just click the Login button when you connect to the Digi WiFi.

What speed will I get with Digi WiFi?

We strive to deliver up to 4Mbps while on the Digi WiFi, but the overall speed may be affected by the number of customers using the service.

Is there a download limit?

At present, all our plans have unlimited download and upload quota, valid for the duration of the pass.

How many devices are allowed on my account at a time?

You can connect 1 device only with 1 WiFi voucher at a time.

How secure is Digi WiFi?

Digi WiFi is provided in partnership with Telekom Malaysia and uses industry standard security to protect your browsing. However, the connection from your device to our Hotspot is an 'Open Connection' so you should exercise the same degree of caution you normally would do as when using the Internet.

  • Make sure you are connected to a legitimate Digi WiFi Hotspot.
  • Check the website address and ensure it is encrypted (HTTPS) before submitting personal data.
  • If using Apps such as Facebook, Maybank2u etc. ensure you are using the latest, legitimate versions.
How do I contact the customer support for Digi WiFi?

You may contact Digi WiFi customer support at 0162211800.

What is the validity period of the “Welcome 2020 Promo”?

This promo is valid until 31st January 2020.