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What is Digi WiFi?

Digi WiFi is a great way to access the Internet without using your mobile data quota. It's available in selected buildings.
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What do I need to get connected to Digi WiFi?

You need a wireless-enabled device, such as a laptop, desktop or a smartphone, to be within the range of the Digi WiFi hotspot and you also need a valid Digi WiFi voucher.

How do I get online with Digi WiFi?

The process is super simple!

  • Find a Digi WiFi Hotspot
  • Turn on WiFi and connect to "Digi WiFi"
  • Open your internet browser and open any web page
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to purchase and activate your pass.
How do I know I’m in a Digi WiFi zone?

Look for '#Digi WiFi' in your list of available WiFi networks. You can use our Hotspot Locator to find your nearest hotspot.Click here to find our nearest hotspot.

I’m having problems purchasing/activating a voucher.

Currently, Digi WiFi is only available to Digi customers. Please ensure you have sufficient balance/credit to pay for your voucher. You need to have enough signal to receive the voucher code via SMS. If you're still having problems, please contact us at 0162211800.

I’m getting an error that says ‘The voucher is expired’.

Once you enter your phone number, we send a voucher code to your phone via SMS right away. This code is only valid for 10 minutes. If it's been longer than 10 minutes, your voucher will no longer be valid and you are not being charged. Please request a new voucher code.

I accidentally activated my voucher twice. Will I be charged twice?

You will only be charged once for each voucher purchase, regardless of how many times you try to activate.

I am not using Digi - I'm using another Malaysian or Non-Malaysian SIM. Can I still use Digi WiFi?

Digi WiFi is only available to Digi customers during this beta period. Please stay tuned for an announcement from us on the launch for non-Digi customers.

I've lost my Digi WiFi voucher code. What can I do?

Check your SMS to see if you still have the message we sent you. If you've already activated and paid for your pass, please get in touch and we can resend your code. If you haven't activated your pass yet, you can simply request a new code.

How long are the vouchers valid for after activation?

The voucher validity will follow your pass validity. For example, if you purchase 1 hour pass then, your voucher is only valid for 1 hour and you have 1 hour to enjoy your unlimited WiFi access.