Buatan Malaysia

Buatan Malaysia

Buatan Malaysia, Buatan Kita

Make Malaysian-made your choice.

Kita Buatan Malaysia

Buatan sang karyawan Buatan seumpama cerminan bayangan, Jalinan warisan menyambung rahsia pusaka,
Tersemai di hati dari dulu ke nafas baru,
Manik-manik keringat dihiasi semangat,
Butiran kesabaran tersusun tersemat,
Hasilnya mekar bagaikan pingat,
Setiap corak terlahir seni,
Seni melakar warna-warni diri,


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Stories of Malaysian-made Inspirations

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Here’s how Digi Business helped grow local entrepreneurs


Digitalising increased sales by 40% over MCO
William, KB Soon Huat Motor

Before the MCO, we were operating traditionally. After using Digi Business Solutions, we were able to expand our business by bringing our products online via Avana. This increased our customer reach and base. With Omni, employee efficiency increased by 30% as they could work on the go. Overall, our total sales grew by up to 40%.


Surge in brand visibility after going digital
MyHome Life

We decided to digitalise over the MCO with Digi Business Solutions. With Avana, we expanded our reach to over 30 million Malaysian users. This helped us increase our revenue by up to 20%. Now, we can stay connected with customers 24/7 via the online messaging platform.


Digital transformation draws tourists to Seri Iskandar
Ahmad Hanis Ahmad Roselan, Lan Homestay

Digi Business not only provided tools such as Avana, but also taught me to use online content to drive tourism to Seri Iskandar. Since then, Lan Homestay has increased its online presence while helping the community around us. We are now looking to open up more branches, starting with Ipoh.


From homemaker to online entrepreneur
Farajannah Othman, AdaraLicious, Adara Venture

Digi Business Solutions taught me that digitalisation isn’t expensive with the right resources. Now I am looking to achieve double-digit growth in revenue and expanding my customer base to ASEAN countries.