Samsung Wall & Car Charger

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Travel with the Samsung Charger Pack. Set of Charging Adapter (EP-TA20), Dual Car Charger (EP-LN920) and 2x Combo Cable (EP-DG930). Up to two devices conveniently in parallel Schnellladen1 with the dual-car fast charger (EP-LN920). Recharge your smartphones or tablets quickly with the Fast Charger (EP-TA20), and the Fast Charge feature. With the combo cable (EP-DG930) you always have all types of connections at your fingertips, whether Micro-USB or USB Type-C


Technical Details

Cable Length
1.5 m
Dimension (WxHxD)
151 x 224 x 38 mm
240 g
Packaging Contents
EP-TA20 1ea, EP-LN920 1ea, EP-DG930 2ea