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Live worry free, be it family well-being, life insurance or spirituality - take your pick, we’ve got you covered!


Digi Family Safety

Keep your family close and connected.

Create safety zones for your family with Geo-fencing, send an emergency alert with location to all family phones, activate parental control and much more with Digi Family Safety.
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Dengue Cover+

Insurance made simple

Life can be unpredictable at times, but we can do our part in ensuring that we are better prepared to manage it.
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A guide to life, the Islamic way

The Ibadat app contains the Holy Quran, prayer timing, Hadith, Prayer & Fasting rules, ‘Sehri’ & ‘Iftar’ timings, Tasbih count, Zakat Calculator, Azan alert, Dua, Hajj, Namaz learning and all other necessary information, throughout the year for your convenience.
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